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TV Armor

TV Screen Protectors

TV Screen Protectors

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  • Material: Optical Grade Plastic (acrylic)
  • Optical Clarity: 100%
  • Color: Optically Clear, Non Yellowing
  • UV Protection: Blocks 92.5% of Ultra Violet A,B and C light
  • Manufacturer: TV Armor

Weight & Dimensions

Size Actual Dimensions Thickness Weight
19-20 Inch 19" W. x 12.7" H. 3/16 inch 2 pounds
21-22 Inch 20.4" W. x 14" H. .220 inch 3 pounds
23-24 Inch 21.9" W. x 14.7" H. 3/16 inch 3 pounds
25-26 Inch 24.5" W. x 16.5" H. .220 inch 4 pounds
30-32 Inch 28.6" W. x 17.1" H. 1/4 inch 7 pounds
40 Inch 35.8" W. x 20.8" H. 1/4 inch 8 pounds
40-43 Inch 38.0" W. x 22.8" H. 1/4 inch 10 pounds
46-48 Inch 42.75" W. x 25.2" H. 1/4 inch 12 pounds
50-52 Inch 44.6" W. x 26.2" H. 1/4 inch 13 pounds
55-56 Inch 49.0" W. x 28.6" H. 1/4 inch 15 pounds
60-62 Inch 54.0" W. x 31.5" H. 1/4 inch 17 pounds
63-65 Inch 57.5" W. x 33.5" H. 1/4 inch 18 pounds
70 Inch 63.5" W. x 37.6" H. 1/4 inch 20 pounds
70+ Inch Call us: 1-800-890-0073

Custom Sizes Available

Please check the size of our TV screen protector against your monitor/TV size to ensure it will fit your satisfaction.

We can make minor modifications to the size you select if desired.  After placing your order please email us at with your exact measurements or make and model of the display

Some TV's have projections on the top edge for a camera, we can cut the bend out in that area at your request to allow the camera to be seen.

We can cut the protective TV cover custom on our laser cutter and usually without any delay in shipping. Custom screen protectors for TVs are not returnable for size issues however.

80" & 90"+ TV Screen Protectors

We can and have fabricated screen protectors for larger TV's, but they cannot ship small package so they are not on the shopping cart.

These television screen protectors must ship via freight and if they are shipped to a commercial address the cost is reasonable. 

Shipped to a residence roughly doubles the shipping cost. Please call us and we will get you the best price for your protective TV screen cover.  For more information, call us at 800-890-0073.

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